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Top Secrets Of Web Designing

In today's competitive digital landscape, responsive web design is not a luxury, it is a downright necessity. Mobile has emerged as a crucial component for internet browsing and electronic trade, with over 60 percent of inquiries within search engines coming from mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.Yet despite this glaring trend, many manufacturers are failing to provide a user friendly mobile experience for their customers. A recent study published by LogMeIn, together with research firm Vanson Bourne, discovered an abysmal 52 percent were happy with the experience they had when participating with a company on mobile. Even more alarming, around 91% said it would be unlikely that they would do business again with a new delivering a poor mobile experience, and a further 38 percent of these might write a negative review on the internet about it or even tell a friend.
Why to hire a web design company?
Responsive web design in goa, a company with advanced design strategy, has become a standard among web designers and web design platforms equally. With Google's recent move into a"mobile first" indicator, responsive design could never be important for SEO as it is now
According to a Study Conducted by GOOGLE:
61% of consumers would abandon the site right away if it wasn't mobile optimized
50% of users stated that if they enjoyed a new they would use them less often if the mobile experience was poor.
36% believe that they"wasted their time" if a Website is not cellular friendly.
48% stated if the site did not work well on their pills or smart phones, it made them feel like the brand didn't care
about its reputation, firm or clients
With Google's push for the best user experience possible, failing to employ a responsive web design is a surefire way to:
  • Boost negative reviews online
  • Reduce traffic
  • Boost bounce rates
  • Reduce sales
  • Get Rid of repeat clients And much more...
With so much online, you just can not afford to ignore mobile optimization.
Top 5 SEO advantages of Responsive Web Design
1. Mobile First
This means that if your website isn't optimized for cellular as a priority, all things being equal, the competitor's website that is, will probably outrank you in their index.
2.Eliminate Duplicate Content
You may or might not be guilty of this, but a lot of companies have been using both a desktop version of a site, and a mobile edition. Sometimes this lead to replicate content throughout the net. Bear in mind, to Google bots, any different URL is regarded as a exceptional page/site.
In the above case you will notice 1 version of the website is for"desktop" and another for"cellular". Google's crawlers don't understand that these will be the exact same brand, and as such you might be struck with duplicate content penalties unless additional steps are taken. Working out of a"mobile first" perspective lets you consolidate your content to one special URL.
3. Lower Bounce Rate
User behaviour and visitor numbers on your pages subject. Bear in mind, Google's goal is to make certain websites providing the best user experience possible, for every given search query, rank the highest.
Indicators of a bad experience may include:
Based on the aforementioned Google study, we are aware that users won't remain on, nor use your website, to finish their search objective if it provides up a bad mobile experience. Among the core metrics that this will affect is your bounce rate (i.e. how quickly visitors leave your website after determining it is not exactly what they want).
The faster they leave your site, the higher the bounce rate. This is a metric search engines listen to, particularly Google. Search engines correlate this metric with how immaterial or relevant your articles is for visitors, in addition to its quality.
A correctly optimized cellular site will be intuitive, engaging and will present and supply data in an easy to read and digestway, resulting in improved interactions and time spent on pages, you can ask for demo here.
4. Faster Loading Speeds
According to Hubspot (along with a variety of other research ), if your website is taking over three seconds to load, then you might be losing anywhere from 40-50percent of your visitors. Still another study by Kissmetrics indicates that around 79 percent of people dissatisfied with your website's functionality (read"website speed") will be less likely to see again.
Optimizing page load speeds has a well-documented linear effect on the client's perceived positive experience on your website. In addition to that, Google has been very public with the fact that loading rate is a ranking sign in their algorithms.
As a company owner, you'll certainly need to be certain that your site is mobile-friendly and responsive. And bear in mind, just because your website loads well on desktop doesn't mean it will do exactly the exact same on a 3G mobile device from the suburbs or smaller cities and towns.
5. User Experience
When you take under account the visitors and their anticipation of experience of a page, the user experience is, and ought to be, a priority within elaborate layouts and UI structures.
Ensuring the user experience is a priority boils down to construction, navigation, cellular friendliness and ease of accessibility. Responsive web layout makes your website mobile-friendly,and prioritizes both readability and navigation to your visitors.
Google admits usability by looking into several important metrics like the time spent on a page. While no one is privy to the specific weighting of these performance indicators in the calculations, they certainly play a part in how your website ranks. User expertise, and user interface, should be taken as seriously asother conventional on and off-page search engine optimization efforts.
As business owners, web masters, designers and developers, it's our duty and responsibility to make the internet a better place to experience. With the rapid expansion in mobile devices and usage, a main part of the responsibility lays with improving upon and implementing mobile-friendly responsive designs and design.While the focus must always be on human expertise vs machines, it's important to recognize that many of the benefits coming from a greater user experience will also have a positive effect on search engine visibility and positioning.
By doing this, you will start to establish a solid responsive base from which to continually build and improve upon as required or you can simply ask us for help at
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